40+ Fascinating Facebook Advertising Statistics

Facebook probably knows everything about you – creepy, right?

Even so, it’s still a very powerful marketing tool, particularly thanks to Facebook Advertising. What’s more, it’s a proven way of increasing your lead generation, driving traffic to a website, and influencing sales. 

Don’t believe me? 

Fine, I understand. Maybe you’ll change your mind after viewing our incredible Facebook advertising statistics! 

Not only will they prove my point, but they’ll also help you strategize your ads and get a better return on investment.

Astonishing Facebook Ad Statistics

  • Facebook has over 2.3 billion active users every month.
  • The average person spends 58 minutes per day on Facebook.
  • There are 80 million business pages.
  • $67.37 billion worth of Facebook ads were sold in 2019.
  • 26% of users who click an ad make a purchase.
  • Facebook Advertising has a 9.2% conversion rate.
  • 19.9% of digital spending goes on Facebook.
  • 93% of Facebook advertising expenditure goes on mobile ads.
  • Facebook influences 52% of consumers making purchases.
  • 47% of Facebook users only use the mobile app and never launch the desktop site.

Facebook Usage: Why a Marketer Should not Ignore Facebook

We’ll get the ball rolling with a few facts that show the sheer scope of Facebook and why it can’t be ignored.

Starting with:

1. Facebook has 2.3 billion active users every month.


Over 2 billion people are logging into Facebook every month and scrolling down their feeds!

The US has over 190 million users, with the UK boasting 37 million.

That’s not all, from a business perspective:

2. According to Facebook ad statistics for 2019, 98% of B2C businesses use Facebook marketing.


Crazy, right? Facebook is the number one marketing platform for B2C business  – and a whopping 89% of B2B businesses use it for marketing purposes, too.

The popularity is probably thanks to the user base, which boasts this staggering stat:

3. 35% of Facebook users are under 25, and 30% are between 25-34.

(We Are Social)

This shows that the core Facebook audience is under 25, and a huge chunk is under 34.

As it happens, this is the target age demographic for the majority of modern businesses.

Not only that, but people love using Facebook every day – as this stat shows:

4. 58 minutes per day are spent on Facebook.


Are Facebook ads worth it? Well, the average American spends nearly an hour a day looking at their Facebook timeline.

So, that’s a lot of time to potentially be viewing your ads!

However, the feed isn’t the only place to display ads – it’s worth looking at Facebook Stories, too:

5. Stories are growing 15 times faster than News Feed sharing.

(Media Kix)

Facebook users are sharing fewer things on their feeds and taking to Facebook Stories instead.

In fact, the big heads at Facebook think that Stories will take over as the main information-sharing method this year!

Moving on from this, businesses need to be aware of fan pages on Facebook as well:

6. There are 80 million business pages on Facebook.

(Facebook, Inc)

That’s a 23% increase in 2018 compared to 2017.

Quite an astounding stat, and it goes to show that you need to have a Facebook page if you run a small business in this day and age!

To add to this:

7. 39% of users follow Facebook pages for special offers.


According to the latest Facebook advertising statistics, just under 40% of Facebook users like pages to receive special offers. So, if you’re looking for a smart strategy to increase engagement, this could be it!

In addition to Facebook pages, there are plenty of Facebook groups out there:

8. Facebook has around 200 million meaningful groups.

(Tech Crunch)

These groups consist of nearly 1.4 billion Facebook users! A meaningful group is essentially a business group – in other words, a community where people can actually gain useful information and talk to others.

That wraps up the usage stats, so now we can look at some stats that’ll show you how to improve your reach.

Facebook Ads Demographics

How effective is Facebook advertising? A lot depends on the demographics – who uses Facebook the most, which age groups see the best click-through-rate, and so on.

We’ve got the Facebook advertising statistics that’ll answer all of these questions.

Let’s dive right in.

9. Facebook sold $67.37 billion worth of ads worldwide in 2019.


This was the second-highest digital ad revenue behind Google.

So, do Facebook ads work? It’s not 100% clear, but they must be somewhat effective if people keep on buying them!

The cost-per-click of Facebook ads varies by country, as you’ll see here:

10. UK average CPC is $1.04.


To put this into perspective, the CPC is $1.10 in the US.

When it comes to the demographic, certain age groups are the biggest targets:

11. Users aged 18-44 get targeted the most.


The highest concentration of Facebook users is the age group 18-44. So, they get targeted the most by Facebook ads.

But, what about gender?

12. 55.4% of Facebook users are women.


Yep, there are more women on Facebook than men. So, it makes perfect sense why one of the Facebook advertising trends is to target them more.

There was a study back in 2010 that revealed women were more likely to click on ads than men. It’s outdated, sure, but it’s worth thinking about!

Speaking about clicks, how high are click-through-rates on Facebook?

13. The average CTR on Facebook is 0.9%.


That’s the average across every single industry and business on Facebook.

Sure, it doesn’t seem very impressive and probably has you wondering:

“Are Facebook ads worth it?”

But, think about how many businesses advertise on Facebook.

Also, this should give you some renowned hope:

14. 26% of users who click on an ad make a purchase.

(Spark Central)

A wildly impressive statistic, which goes to show the power that Facebook advertising can have on consumers.

The fun doesn’t stop here:

We’ve got some exciting stats that will really drive home how successful a good Facebook advertising campaign can be.

Facebook Ads Stats

It’s time to check out a few stats that look at revenue, the various types of ads you can place on the platform, and Facebook ROI.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride:

15. Approximately 89% of Facebook revenue comes from ads.


This goes to show that Facebook advertising is the primary money-maker for Zuckerberg and his pals.

Which isn’t surprising when you consider:

16. 19.9% of digital spending goes to Facebook.


Facebook is second only to Google in the digital spending ranks, Facebook advertising statistics reveal. If that doesn’t show how popular it is, nothing will!

However, when we lift the lid on Facebook advertising spending, we see a huge difference between desktop and mobile:

17. 93% of Facebook advertising is spent on mobile ads.


Mobile ad revenue has increased by 30% in 2019, showing that it’s the most sought-after way of getting results.

This also shows that Facebook advertising trends are veering towards mobile devices rather than the desktop platform.

What about organic posts on business pages? Well:

18. The organic reach of a post is 6.4% of the page’s total likes.

(We Are Social)

As you can see, the organic reach of Facebook posts is fairly low – which goes hand-in-hand with the organic engagement rate of 0.9%

So, are Facebook ads worth it? They certainly seem more attractive when you see how below-par organic Facebook marketing is.

Plus, you’ve got plenty of ad types to choose from, such as:

19. Lead generation ads have a 12.54% conversion rate.


Compared to a typical landing page ad, that’s over 2% better!

Facebook has other advertising types as well, like sponsored posts, engagement ads, acquisition ads, and much more.

Effective Facebook Advertising

The key to successful Facebook advertising lies in the stats we have in this section!

We’ll show you the key figures that dictate how to make your ads that little bit more effective:

20. 70% of call-to-actions are “Shop Now.”

(Web FX)

This makes it the most popular call-to-action, with “learn more” taking the second spot at 10%.


21. “Learn More” is statistically the most effective call-to-action for getting clicks.

(Web FX)

If you want clicks, then “Learn More” can entice more people than any other call-to-action on Facebook.

But that’s not the only thing that can improve your ads. As it turns out, the Facebook Relevance Score is also very revealing:

22. Ads with a score of 10 have a 158% higher CTR than those with a score of 3.


The more relevant an advert is, the more chance it has of being clicked by a Facebook user.

Of all the Facebook marketing statistics out there, this is probably the most underrated –  relevance is crucial!

With that in mind, you should turn your attention to the ad copy:

23. Improving Facebook ad copy can boost Facebook ad ROI by 1866%


You won’t find many Facebook advertising ROI statistics as eye-opening as this. Strategyzer skyrocketed their ROI by making smart changes to their ad copy.

Through different testing techniques, they found that longer ad copy using a storytelling technique yielded the best results.

Similarly, the timing of your post matters:

24. Thursdays and Fridays from 1-3 pm are the best times to post.


According to the most recent Facebook ad statistics, posting at these times produces higher engagement rates, as more people tend to be on their phones or at a computer.

So, the odds of a click or two increase!

Don’t go posting like crazy during that period, though, as your post frequency is also vital:

25. Pages with under 10,000 fans get a 50% drop in engagement if they post more than once per day.


Keep your posts to around 7 a week and no fewer than 3 in the entire week. Post more than that, and you’ll receive less engagement per post.

As we move along with the next batch of Facebook ads statistics, we can see the effects Facebook and Facebook ads have on the shopping world.

Facebook and Facebook Ads Influence on Shopping

How has the shopping industry adapted and responded to the rise of Facebook advertising?

Well, people are heavily influenced by what they see on the social network:

26. Facebook influences 52% of consumers making purchases.


Incredibly, this stat is for both online and offline purchases.

If you ask how effective are Facebook ads, then the answer has to be – very!

Alongside this, Facebook helps consumers discover products:

27. Consumers discover products on Facebook more than any other channel.


If you want people to find out about your products, Facebook is the main channel for it, according to a Curalate survey of consumer habits.

Funnily enough, the same survey found that:

28. 50% of consumers say UGC is the leading factor making them purchase something through social media, Facebook advertising reports reveal.


While more of a broad marketing statistic, it goes to show that user-generated content can help Facebook ads drive more sales.

Facebook Ads on Mobile

Mobile users flood the platform these days. In fact, it’s estimated that:

29. 47% of Facebook users only use the mobile app, and 88% use it regularly.


These figures have been rising year after year, showing that mobile users are changing the way Facebook advertising is used. If more people are on mobile devices than desktops, strategies will have to change.

30. Mobile advertising revenue accounted for 94% of all Facebook ad revenue in Q3 2019.


That’s up 2% from the last quarter and indicates that successful Facebook advertising is perhaps best directed to the mobile platform.

Facebook Video Ads

What type of Facebook ads work better than most? To answer this question, let’s see what video ads have to offer:

31. Nearly 2 billion Facebook users watch Facebook Live Videos.


Facebook has seen an incredible 3.5 billion total live broadcasts since 2016. It’s the most popular way for people to watch videos on Facebook right now.

As if that wasn’t enough:

32. Users spend 3 times longer watching Live videos than standard ones according to Facebook video view statistics.


As a result of this, Facebook is pushing Live videos more than pre-recorded ones. Keep that in mind when you’re looking to implement your video advertising strategy.

Facebook Ads on Messenger and Stories

Is it worth paying for ads on Messenger and Stories? Let’s see what the stats say:

33. 1,3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month.


WhatsApp is the only messenger app with more monthly users than Messenger.

This begs the question:

Why aren’t businesses on it as much as they should be?

34. 31% of businesses use Messenger.


It’s used by so many people, but under a third of businesses are taking advantage of Facebook Messenger.

Could this be something for you to look into if you want to improve your Facebook ROI?


If we move over to Facebook Stories, things look like this:

35. A third of Facebook users are on Stories.


That’s approximately 500 million daily users! A huge market, so businesses need to look into Stories advertising if they want to tap into this market.

Facebook Advertising Conversion Rates

What is the overall conversion rate for Facebook advertising?

Glad you asked:

36. Facebook has a 9.2% conversion rate across the board.

(Web FX)

Some industries do better than others, but the rate is usually between 9-10% for most.


37. Facebook users click on 8 ads a month.

(We Are Social)

This is down from the first quarter in 2018, but the overall conversion rate is still steady. Also, this figure goes up to 10 for women and down to 7 for men.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Want to know how to tweak your strategy to make it a bit more effective? Here are some suggestions:

38. Optimize Facebook videos for mobile to boost brand awareness.


Facebook state that mobile-optimized videos lift brand awareness to 67% – as opposed to the 40% you get from standard videos on Facebook.

Following on fro this, consider:

39. 24.2% of Facebook pages use paid media.


Don’t rely solely on organic Facebook marketing strategies. Instead, use paid advertising to target your audience and improve the quality of your leads.

Facebook Advertising Trends

We’ve seen so much growth in this domain, but these are the killer stats that show how big Facebook advertising currently is:

40. Facebook ad revenue grew to $55 billion in 2018.


Since 2015, Facebook’s ad revenue has grown by a staggering amount. What’s more, it’s projected to reach above $60 billion in 2021.

So, we can deduce that Facebook advertising has been growing dramatically! And that’s not all – the cost per ad is going up too:

41. According to Facebook ad statistics, CPM went up to 122% in 2018.


In January 2018, the CPM for Facebook advertising rose to this figure from a mere 45% year over year change from January 2017.

The more people using Facebook advertising, the more expensive it will become!

Facebook Advertising vs Digital Advertising

You’ve seen the stats, but how does Facebook compare to digital advertising on the whole? There’s only one way to find out…

42. Facebook CPC averages $1.72 compared to $2.69 for Google Ads.


Facebook’s main rival costs more for you to buy ads from. However, what about the click-through rates?

43. Google Ads have a better CTR.


On average, Facebook ads have a 0.9% CTR, which is considerably less than the 3.17% CTR from Google Ads.

Sounds a bit grim, but wait until you get a load of the next couple of Facebook advertising statistics:

44. Google Ads only have a 3.75% conversion rate.


Those of you with a good memory will remember the conversion rate for Facebook ads is around 9.2%.

So, when it comes to conversions, the boys over at Facebook come out on top.

And on that note:

The Lowdown

We’re at that stage where you can stretch for a bit and go check out the latest cat memes on Facebook!

These Facebook advertising statistics show you the power and reach this social media platform has. Not only that, but they also reveal that Facebook ads are growing year after year.

Bottom line:

More and more businesses are using them, and you need to get on board before you fall behind dramatically. Best of luck! Meow!

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