22 Powerful Quora Statistics for Marketers and Private Users

Quora – the go-to question-and-answer website of our generation. Whenever you want to know anything about life, love, or science, you can jump onto the platform and just ask.

Best of all, Quora is the perfect blend of research and social media. It’s like the love child of Wikipedia and Facebook.

As it turns out, Quora has also turned into a fruitful marketing site for entrepreneurs.

The following Quora Statistics will give you insight into the mysterious world of the website and why it has become so popular over the last decade.

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Fascinating Quora Stats (Editor's Pick)

  • Quora’s monthly active user count is over 300 million.
  • 57% of Quora users are male.
  • 34.9% of Quora’s audience signs in from the United States.
  • Most Quora users access the site through their smartphones.
  • Quora had revenue of $20 million at the end of 2018.
  • Quora’s co-founder, Charlie Cheever, is a former Facebook employee.
  • The most vigorous Quora users are older than 18.
  • Quora provides users with more than 400,000 topics.
  • According to Alexa.com, Quora is number 80 in the global traffic ranking.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Wanna find out about the most active Quora users? What about Quora marketing statistics?

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Quora Statistics 2019

1. Quora’s monthly active user count is over 300 million.

(Source: Quora)

Marketers have found great success on Quora because the site has over 300 million monthly users. Rapid growth over the past 4 years. In 2015 Quora users were 80 million, in 2016 – 100 million, and in 2017 – 200 million. The latest report on Quora usage statistics, by Quora’s product manager, states that the site now has over 300 million monthly users. Good news is that Quora is continuing to broaden its audience to help marketers reach their target audience. 

2. Quora question statistics show that there are millions of questions.

(Source: Quora)

With 300 million monthly users, it is safe to say that there are millions of questions asked on Quora. Sarah Madde, Quora’s Hall monitor, states that there are 61 million questions posted on the website. This is a drastic increase since 2012, when there were only 720,000 questions posted by the middle of  Q3. By January 2017, Quora statistics show that there were almost 12 million questions posted. 

3. 4 Million Questions are posted on Quora daily.


If you wonder How many questions are posted on Quora daily?” About 4,054,498. If you look at the above statement and you do a few calculations, this number doesn’t make any sense, right? Quora has moderators who delete inappropriate questions. Questions that get the green light are posted onto the platform, waiting to be answered. 

4. Views to upvote ratio on Quora is roughly estimated at 30:1. 


A confirmed estimation isn’t available when it comes to the upvoting ratio on Quora. Some questions just get more answers than others. The better the question, the more likely it is that you’ll get answers and a ‘thumbs up.’ You could estimate that, on average, a question with 30 views will receive 1 upvote. Another with 900 views can rake in approximately 30 upvotes. 

5. The average user spends at least 3 minutes on Quora. 


Individuals who use Quora daily are referred to as Quorans – yes, there’s a name for it. According to Quora demographics statistics, the average active user spends 3.04 hours on the site. Whereas other users only spend 2:47 minutes on the site.

6. 2.13 page views on average per user.


From all of its users, Quora has a 2.13-page view rate per user. This is an average calculated from 58.8% of Quora visitors coming from search and 42.1% of direct and other types of visitors.

7. With 72.4 million followers Technology is the most popular topic on Quora.


Based on the number of followers of a topic, it seems, Technology is the most popular topic on Quora. Following technology, the next popular topic on Quora is Business with 41.4 million followers. These are the numbers from December 2019.

Interesting Information is the most popular space in Technology Topic with over 724.8k followers. 

8. Quora provides users with more than 400,000 topics.


“How many topics are there on Quora”?

Apart from Quora’s most popular topics (listed above), it has many sub-genres that appeal to a wide demographic. On the whole the as per 2014 data, Quora had 400,000 topics. 

As for 2019, this number should be much bigger.

9. Each question can get on average 5 answers.


On average, each question posted on the site will get at least 5 answers. Popular topic questions can reach millions of views and thousands of answers. Some of the most popular ones are: “What is it like to be a drug dealer?” and “What are all the different types of high school students?”

Quora User and User Demographics Stats

10. Quora demographics statistics state that 34.9% of Quora’s audience is from the U.S.


Even though Quora doesn’t make their audience demographic public, a study by Alexa.com has stated that 34.9% of its users are from the United States. That means approximately 40 million Americans. India is in second place with 22.2%. 4.9% of Quora’s audience sign in from the UK. 

11. Most of the active Quora users are older than 18-years.


According to Laura Hale’s research, 45.5% of Quora users are between the ages of 18 and 24. The second-largest age group is 25-34, which makes for 32.5% of users. 2% of Quora users are between the ages of 34-55. Only 1.6% of users are in the age group 65+.

12. 57% of Quora users are male.


As it turns out, 57% of males and 43% of females use Quora. This could be because males prefer platforms that offer advice and information. Females prefer social media apps like Instagram and Facebook.   

13. Quora user stats show that 65% of Quorans have a college degree. 


Marketers need to bear in mind that Quora users are educated individuals. 65% have college degrees and 28% graduate degrees. Nielsen conducted a study in 2018 that confirmed that 37% of Quora users are in management positions. Users who are older than 18 have an annual income of $100,000+.

14. Most Quora users access the site through their smartphones.


Almost 75% of Quora users access the platform through their mobile phones. Mobile vs. Desktop Quora Usage stats suggests that approximately 2,25 million of the 300 million monthly users are from smartphones. The other 25% from desktops. 

Quora Traffic Sources

15. 76.16% of Quora users come from other search engines.


You have a question. You type it into a search engine. You click on the first link at the top of the search result and BOOM you are inside the Quora.com site. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

16. 0.57% of Quora users come from other social media sites.


Quora traffic source stats show that just a tiny percentage of Quora’s traffic actually comes from social media sites. Out of the 0.57%, Facebook drives the most traffic with 35.39%, YouTube is second, with 30.05%. Twitter, Reddit and Pocket also drive traffic to Quora. 

17. 21.12% of Quora users are direct users. 


Quora works hard to promote its site to attract more direct users. Out of the millions of visitors each month, only 21% are direct users. All of the rest are redirected. Only 0.25% is from referrals and 1.34% is from emails. 

Quora Advertising Stats

18. 300 companies advertise on Quora.


Quora is very secretive about their Quora ads statistics. We’re unsure about how many advertisers exactly are there on the website. The latest data from 2017 suggest that they have over 300 companies that are running ads. Companies that use Quora as a platform for their ad campaigns include Thinkific, Udacity, Shopify, and Hubspot. As time went on and Quora gained popularity, it’s safe to assume that this number has increased drastically.  

19. You can post ads on Quora for as little as $25. 


Ad charges depend entirely on your billing threshold. At first, you will be charged as little as $25. When you meet your billing threshold, then the payment increases to $50, $250, $500, and eventually $750. If your ad is successful, you can pay up to $2000 per month for ads. This system is great!


Because you only pay when your ad shows results. 

20. B2B companies comprise 60% of all Quara ads and B2C – the remaining 40%. 


60% of all Quora ads are from B2B companies. The remaining 40% are from B2C. Advertising on Quora has proven to be extremely successful. Many business owners have reported that their Quora ads generate up to 4 times more conversion as compared to other platforms. Many Quora users go onto the site to receive valuable business-related information from individuals with experience. By answering questions, you can drive people to your website without having to place ads. 

Quora Market Value

21. Quora’s estimated value is $1.8 billion.


In 2017, Quora was valued at $1.8 billion. However, there hasn’t been a formal report on what Quora’s worth is. Forbes estimates that through revenues ranked in from digital advertising and marketers,t Quora can generate $112 million. This will cause Quora’s valuation to increase to an approximated $2.8 billion – $3 billion by the end of 2019. 

But how much has been invested in Quora?

22. $226 million were invested in Quora. 


A gracious amount of $226 million was invested in Quora by a variety of investors through private equity. Quora uses its funds to pay approximately 300 employees. Most employees in the Tech industry earn about $180,000 annually. The rest of their startup money went into app development and other operational costs. 

Quora vs. Competitors

Who are Quora’s primary competitors?

Quora’s major competitors are Wikipedia, Urbandictionary, StackOverflow, Medium, and Reddit.  According to Alexa.com, Quora is number 80 in the global traffic ranking. That means that it weighs up pretty good against its competitors. 

What are the most talked about brands?

Quora has become a platform to discuss hot topics. That includes a variety of popular brands and companies. The most talked-about brand on Quora is, ironically enough, Google with 115,300 followers. Starbucks comes second with 81,600 followers, and Amazon in third with 72,300 followers. Other brands that are also popular are Intel, Red Bull, Microsoft, Apple, McDonald’s, and Walmart. 

What are the most followed people?

The number one most followed personal account is Balaji Viswanathan’s with 506,411 followers. Balaji is the CEO of Invento Robotics, who provided over 5,000 answers to the Quora platform. Second place goes to Quora’s CEO himself, Adam D’Angelo, with 398,595 followers. Third Jimmy Wales with 376,204 followers. Jimmy is a contributor to Wikipedia and one of Quora’s small investors. 

Wrapping Up

Quora is truly a fascinating place, isn’t it?

Those Quora statistics show that the platform is growing faster than any other Q&A website on the internet. Millions of users tune in each day to ask random questions about life, education, and business. The  Quora statistics prove that Quora is becoming a force to be reckoned with. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to jump onto Quora and ask fellow Quorans to share their knowledge. Promise, you won’t regret it!

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