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An estimated 88 per cent of B2B marketers say that they use SEO content marketing to grab the attention of their clients. Seventy-six per cent of B2C businesses say that they do the same. Thus SEO content marketing is in demand.

Are you already in SEO careers?

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If so, you’re in the right place. Here on this page, we have a job board with 50+ SEO-related roles from all around the UK.

To provide you with more information on what you can expect from a career in SEO, we researched different types of work involving SEO-related activities. We also included vital details of every kind of job.

Latest SEO Jobs

Types of SEO jobs UK

Take a look at these requirements and certifications you might see for a variety of SEO-related roles advertised in the UK.

Job Key Responsibilities Requirements Salary Range
Junior SEO/SEO Intern Perform keyword research

Coordinate with client objectives

Utilise SEO tools

Understanding of HTML 

Understanding of HTML practices

£9,000 to £25,000
SEO executive Analyse website performance

Make tactical SEO recommendations

Create in-depth website audits

Excellent research skills

Competency in SEO tools

Passion of SEO learning

SEO Consultant Understanding of site SEO issues

Ability to test sites

Ability to stay up to date with SEO issues

Experience working with agencies

Several years of SEO campaign experience

SEO Technical Audit Jobs Inspect websites for SEO issues

Conduct web crawls 

Perform technical competitor SEO analysis

Excellent written and verbal communication

Understanding of SEO tools

Commercial awareness

£18,000 to £25,000
SEO Analyst Auditing websites for SEO obstacles

Implementing best practices

Proactively learn about new technologies

Degree-level qualification

Understanding on reporting tools

Understanding of website backend

SEO Strategist Build SEO campaigns for client

Outrank competitors sites

Several years of experience in SEO

Excellent copywriting skills

SEO Specialist Implement on-page SEO

Use Google analytics tools

Measure and track success

Ability to work to deadlines

Commercial awareness

Ability to analyse SEO campaign performance

SEO manager Maintain communication with clients

Organise SEO team

Identify effective SEO methods

Three or more years of SEO experience

SEO analysis capabilities

SEO Director Jobs Develop data-driven SEO strategies

Stay abreast of changes in SEO

Drive business revenue

Ability to think strategically

Understand multiple SEO channels

Be familiar with industry tools


Source: Payscale UK, Indeed


Junior SEO/SEO intern

A junior SEO/SEO Intern is responsible for basic SEO tasks to support organisations, including keyword research and competitor analysis. SEO interns should have a willingness to learn, a basic understanding of social media, and an ability to create meaningful content. Junior SEOs and SEO interns can take their career to the next level by mastering SEO tools and getting to grips with the essentials of SEO campaign strategy.

Key responsibilities/skills: 

  • Conduct website crawls and recommend changes based on findings
  • Evaluate relevant keyword terms
  • Find methods to improve keyword performance

Salary range: £9,000 to £25,000

SEO executive

SEO executives are marketing professionals who deploy tactics to help the organisations they represent rank higher in search engine results. Responsibilities include compiling reports, analysing website crawls and assisting clients with regular website analysis, including traffic trends. SEO executives can take their careers to the next level by learning relevant SEO tools, gaining commercial awareness, and managing their SEO campaigns.

Key responsibilities/skills: 

  • Perform full audits of client website and provide detailed reports of findings
  • Analyse backlink profiles and ensure that they meet community-agreed standards
  • Identify, manage and address traffic performance dips and correct where possible

Salary range: £20,000 – £30,000

SEO Consultant

An SEO consultant is somebody who provides high-level guidance to organisations on their existing strategy. A company may employ a consultant to provide additional advice on the direction that they should take, as well as any mistakes they’re making in their current approach. 

Key responsibilities/skills: 

  • Perform SEO audits and make recommendations to clients 
  • Perform keyword research across multiple domains
  • Conduct on-page optimisation and look for synergy opportunities across platforms
  • Create reports and apply learnings to assist clients

Salary range: £20,000 – £34,000

SEO Technical Audit Jobs

An SEO Technical audit professional is somebody who delves into a company’s existing SEO strategy and looks for opportunities to improve it. SEO auditors need to be comfortable with reporting and analytics tools as well as have a good understanding of the existing trends in the space, what works, and what doesn’t.

Key responsibilities/skills: 

  • Identify technical SEO issues and correct them
  • Identify and fix website structure issues
  • Find on-page SEO issues that could affect website performance
  • Identify user-experience problems that could be negatively affecting site dwell time
  • Look for new opportunities to improve client website performance

Salary range: £20,000 – £30,000

SEO Analyst

SEO analysts put strategies in place that help a business’s online content to get found. Often a part of a marketing team, their look for opportunities to improve user’s digital experiences and through that, improve client ranking. 

Key responsibilities/skills: 

  • Create, track and automate traffic metrics
  • Define and implement SEO strategies and implement them
  • Make use of available SEO tools for keyword deployment, content creation and link building. 

Salary range: £18,000 – £31,000

SEO Strategist

SEO strategists are primarily involved in developing search engine optimisation marketing campaigns for their clients. They work with tools like Google Analytics to evaluate performance and suggest new methods to achieve better outcomes. 

Key responsibilities/skills: 

  • Experience with social media marketing
  • Good understanding of SEO tools and how to use them to identify problems with client SEO strategy
  • Ability to collaborate with web developers and content creators to implement new plans

Salary range: £20,000 – £36,000

SEO Specialist

SEO specialists develop and implement SEO strategies for the organisations that they represent. Their work includes identifying keywords for a variety of search engines, incorporating meta tags to help pages get found, and improving the on-page experience. To advance in this role, specialists must develop greater knowledge of programming languages such as HTML and CSS and demonstrate commercial awareness. A senior SEO specialist salary can exceed £35,000.

Key responsibilities/skills: 

  • Ability to work to a strict timetable
  • Be able to identify on-page issues and correct them
  • Must to able to identify traffic trends and consider reasons for any changes

Salary range: £18,000 – £38,000

SEO Manager

An SEO manager is an SEO professional who oversees an organisation’s SEO efforts. It is one of the most lucrative search engine optimisation jobs in the UK. Their work involves putting in place strategies that improve the user experience of websites, analysing where users are coming from, and looking for new opportunities to improve site performance. SEO managers also have to have great people skills and marshal the efforts of an entire team. Many managers progress their careers by taking positions with successively more responsibility and overseeing a larger number of people. Average SEO manager salary is above £30,000.

Key responsibilities/skills: 

  • Ability to organise and run projects to improve ranking in search listings
  • Organise colleagues to carry out specific tasks, such as keyword research, link building and content creation. 
  • Analyse the performance of search engine optimisation strategies and adjust their approach accordingly. 

Salary range: £22,000 – £44,000

SEO Director Jobs

A director of SEO operates at the top end of the SEO job market, using their vast experience and knowledge to marshal company resources and come up with innovative new strategies. Typically they work in office settings and must attend meetings regularly for brainstorming, analysis and to provide direction to their colleagues. 

Key responsibilities/skills: 

  • Collect SEO professionals to deliver a successful campaign
  • Monitor current trends in SEO and adapt them to the company strategy
  • Create robust reporting schedules to enable companies to evaluate their SEO efforts

Salary range: £46,000 – £56,000

Basic requirements and certifications needed for entering the market

The SEO content marketing space is growing all the time. The reason? The top five results in search receive an estimated 68 per cent of all clicks. Thus, there’s a significant demand for people who understand how the system works and have the knowledge to put ranking strategies into practice. 

The SEO market is growing. There’s continual demand from companies and individuals for people who can supercharge their position in search results and get their pages in front of visitors. 

Getting into the SEO world might seem overwhelming – there’s a steep learning curve. But once you’re in, there are numerous lucrative opportunities to generate income and progress your career. 

The good news is that there are no formal barriers to entry in the SEO market. Anyone can become a content marketer (or any other type of SEO marketer for that matter) without having to go through any formal education. That doesn’t mean, however, that clients and employers won’t look for evidence of training – they will. Nor does it mean that you can avoid any kind of certification at all. It just means that you have more freedom to choose a route into the industry. 

The majority of people get SEO certification and apply for work with established companies or agencies, even if they want to strike out freelance. They do this to build up a network of contacts and create a personal brand for themselves in the industry. Launching on your own is difficult. 

Many SEOs also become hybrid content creators first, utilising both writing and analytics skills. Writing is one of the more natural ways into the field and provides you with an opportunity to brush up on your skills while learning techniques that help clients move higher in search results.